Opening January 1, 2020

Fitness & Wellness


Fitness is about more than just exercise, it is about living your best life. Regular physical activity will help you take life’s adventures in stride whether it is using your own power to explore new areas, competing in sport or keeping up with young children and pets. Fitness also improves mental and emotional wellbeing, including focus, sleep and mood. Fitness is about feeling good, strong and confident. It is about setting goals, meeting new friends and improving your health along the way!

Fitness & Wellness Programs

We offer registered programs and drop-in group fitness and yoga classes with certified staff that are committed to helping you reach your active living and wellness goals. We are proud to offer a wide range of classes including promoting active aging, managing chronic conditions and high intensity workouts.

There are currently 30+ weekly fitness programs and classes underway at Minoru Centre for Active Living. More programs and classes will be added, including drop-in Aquafit classes, upon opening of the Fitness and Aquatic centres.

Fitness Centre

Minoru Centre for Active Living includes a bright and spacious 8,500 sq. ft. fitness centre with expansive views overlooking the Aquatic Centre and Minoru track. A range of machines and equipment will cater to users of all ages and abilities, including:

  • 35+ cardio machines, including accessible options
  • Free weight area with 2 squat racks
  • 2 customized functional training apparatuses with suspension training
  • 6 piece strength machines circuit
  • 2 elevated stretch platforms and a stretching frame