Personal Training

Whether you are just getting started, working with some injuries, have reached a plateau in your current program or want to improve athletic performance, a Personal Trainer will help you achieve your fitness and active living goals.

A Personal Trainer provides personalized instruction and coaching on exercises tailored for your goals. Learn correct form and techniques, maximize your workout efficiency and stay motivated with goal setting, ongoing support, and results!

Fill out the Personal Training Intake Form and purchase your sessions from the Minoru Centre for Active Living front desk. You will be matched with a suitable trainer and contacted directly to set up your first session Personal Training Intake Form


Benefits of Personal Training

Consistency and Accountability

Having a regular appointment and someone to meet helps keep you accountable. The routine builds a habit and habit creates change! 

Personal Approach

Your trainer will assess your abilities and create a program just for you. All your hard work will effectively and efficiently move you closer to your goals, all the while you receive support, feedback and motivation tailored for you.


With Personal Training you receive individualized attention and guidance on how to work out safely and effectively. A personal trainer will motivate you and push you to learn and progress in ways you may not have done on your own.


Our Trainers

All the Personal Trainers at Minoru Centre for Active Living are professionals registered with the BC Recreation and Park Association (BCRPA) or equivalent. All our Personal Trainers stay up to date with continuing education and may have specialities such as:

  • Getting started in fitness
  • Weight management
  • Sport specific training
  • Active aging
  • Pre and post natal training


One-on-One training is just you and your trainer.  Train with a Friend means your trainer will work with you and a friend with a similar fitness level and goals.

For those new to Personal Training, we recommend purchasing 3 to 10 sessions at a time.

Purchasing 3 sessions allows for a good introduction to your Trainer, the exercises and your program. Purchasing more sessions allows for the above as well as opportunities to progress your fitness and add new elements to your program and provide the best deal to you. 1 session purchases are excellent for a tune up on an existing program or for those with previous fitness experience and needing a refresher.

Personal Training is available daily during facility hours with the exact schedule to be coordinated between you and your trainer.

Contact Danny Ronquillo, Fitness and Wellness Leader at 604-238-8010 for more details.


# of SessionsOne-on-OneTrain with a Friend
1 session$58.95$88.40
3 sessions$168.00$252.00
5 sessions$265.25$397.90
10 sessions$501.00$751.60