Personal Training

Improve fitness and wellness with support from a Registered Personal Trainer at Minoru Centre for Active Living. Learn correct form and techniques, maximize workout efficiency and receive ongoing support from a Trainer.

To get started, complete the Personal Training Intake Form and Par-Q+ and purchase sessions from the customer service desk. Personal training forms can be picked up in person at the customer services desk or found online at or


Return completed forms via email to or in-person to the customer service desk and you will be matched with a suitable trainer and contacted directly to set up the first session.

Personal Training Options

1-on-1 Training: 1 person and 1 trainer
Train with a Friend: 2 friends with similar fitness level and goals, and 1 trainer


For those new to personal training, three to 10 sessions are recommended
    • 1 Session: Provides an excellent enhancement to an existing program or a refresher for those with previous fitness experience.
    • 3 Sessions: Provides a good introduction to a trainer, exercises and the start or a personally-designed exercise routine.
    • 3+ Sessions: Provides more fitness progress with the addition of new program elements.
    Personal Training sessions are available any time during facility hours and scheduled between all parties.


# of Sessions
1-on-1 Individual Training
2-3 Group Training
1 session
3 sessions
5 sessions
10 sessions






*Fees subject to change.