For more than a century, the area now known as Minoru Park has played a significant role in the recreational, social and cultural life of Richmond residents. The development of the Minoru Complex represents the next step in the evolution of the Minoru Civic Precinct.

Find out more about Minoru’s fascinating history as well as project milestones below.

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  • September 2020

    September 21, 2020 – Swimming Pools Open!

    New state-of-the-art indoor aquatic centre opens!
  • March 2020

    March 11, 2020 – Seniors Centre One-Year Celebration

    The Minoru Seniors Society, members and guests celebrate their One-Year Anniversary!
  • January 2020

    January 11 2020 – Minoru Centre for Active Living Fitness Centre Open House

    Minoru Centre for Active Living Fitness Centre Open House. Over 550 people enjoyed free admission to the fitness centre, over 500 tours were given and over 230 patrons enjoyed 17 fitness classes.
  • January 2020

    January 2020

    Minoru Centre for Active Living Fitness Centre opens to the public.
  • March 2019

    March 2019

    Minoru Centre for Active Living Opening
  • January 2019

    2019 – Construction on Minoru Centre for Active Living nearing completion

  • December 2017
    minoru milestone

    December 2017

    Councillor Chak Au, Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Councillor Derek Dang, Councillor Linda McPhail, Councillor Ken Johnston, and Councillor Bill McNulty visited the construction site for the Minoru Centre of Active Living. The view from the second floor fitness centre overlooking the leisure pool also highlights the roof installation that is near completion.
  • November 2016
    minoru milestone

    November 2016 – Construction milestone – completion of second floor fitness floor

  • April 2016
    minoru milestone

    Construction milestone – completion of concrete raft slab

    Mayor Malcolm Brodie is joined by several members of Council to participate in the final slab pouring on April 27, 2016.
  • April 2015
    minoru milestone

    2015 – Official opening of redeveloped Minoru Park sports fields

    On Saturday, April 11, an opening ceremony marks the official opening of the new artificial turf fields in Minoru Park. Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, Richmond City Baseball hosts its opening day celebration on Latrace Field.  
  • October 2014

    2014 – Council approves Minoru Complex Floor Plan

    Council approves the floor plans and preliminary form/character design of the Minoru Complex, allowing staff to proceed with preparation of detailed design drawings.
  • July 2014

    2014 – Construction launches on the Minoru Complex

    On July 21, a ground-breaking event officially launches construction of a $79.6 million multi-purpose facility that will house new aquatic and older adult centres, a fitness centre and sport field support spaces and amenities.
  • July 2014

    2014 – Minoru Sports Pavilion Celebration and Farewell

    The final event hosted in Minoru Sports Pavilion to celebrate its 50 years of service to the community is held on July 5. The event program featured demonstrations and presentations by community members representing the many groups who used the Pavilion over the years. The Pavilion was demolished later in July to make way for construction to begin on the Minoru Complex.
  • February 2010
    minoru milestone

    2010 – Winter Olympics

    Minoru Park hosts over 500,000 visitors over 17 days at the Ozone, Richmond’s Celebration Site for the 2010 Winter Olympics. On February 9, over 20,000 people gathered in Minoru Park to welcome Rick Hansen onto the stage to light the cauldron as part of the Olympic Torch Relay, igniting the Olympic spirit in Richmond.
  • August 2009

    2009 – Unveiling of the statue “Minoru Horse” by Sergei Traschenko

    This statue of Minoru commemorates the opening of Minoru Park on Aug. 21, 1909, the first thoroughbred racing course in Richmond. The thoroughbred, Minoru, under the colours of Edward VII, won the Epsom Derby in England in 1909.
  • january 1986
    minoru milestone

    1986 – Minoru Place Activity Centre

    Minoru Place Activity Centre, Richmond’s first dedicated facility to serve the older adult population, opens to the public.
  • July 1979

    1979 – Minoru Park plays host to BC Summer Games.

    Minoru Park plays host to BC Summer Games.
  • January 1977
    minoru milestone

    1977 – Minoru Aquatic Centre officially opens

    Minoru Aquatic Centre officially opens
  • January 1967

    1967 – Jefferson Airplane performs

    Jefferson Airplane performs at Richmond Arena. Read More Information
  • September 1965
    minoru milestone

    1965 – Richmond Arena Opens

    Stadium rink opens in September 1965. Expansion of the Silver rink and the office areas takes place in September 1984.
  • May 1964
    minoru milestone

    1964 – Grand Opening of the Minoru Sports Pavilion

    The official opening of the Minoru Sports Pavilion takes place on May 18, 1964 and is attended by the Honourable Arthur Laing, MP for Vancouver South, along with other dignitaries.
  • January 1960

    1960 – Construction of a running track

    Construction of a running track and associated track and field facilities.
  • January 1958

    1958 – Centennial Pool in Minoru Park.

    Construction of Centennial Pool in Minoru Park, originally an outdoor pool.
  • January 1958

    1958 – The City acquires Section 8 from the BC Turf and Country Club

    The City acquires Section 8 from the BC Turf and Country Club, owners of the Brighouse Park racetrack to be reserved as parkland (originally called Richmond Centennial Park, renamed Minoru Park in 1960).
  • March 1910
    minoru milestone

    1910 – The first western Canadian airplane flight

    The first-ever Canadian airplane flight west of Winnipeg takes off from Minoru Racetrack in March - this helped set the precedent for the later development of Vancouver Airport in Richmond (Sea Island), which opened in 1931.
  • August 1909
    minoru milestone

    1909 – Opening Day of Minoru Racetrack

    Opening Day of Minoru Racetrack and Clubhouse was August 21, 1909. Named after a horse owned by King Edward VII, Minoru was at one time considered the best racetrack in western North America.