Minoru Centre for Active Living Update

New aquatic and fitness centre opening remains on hold

Richmond, BC – The opening of Richmond’s new Minoru Centre for Active Living aquatic and fitness centre remains on hold as investigations and analysis continue into the reasons behind the recent lap pool failure.

The floor of the pool shifted in February and extensive work has been underway since to determine the exact cause. Once that is known and confirmed, the necessary steps can be taken to restore the pool base and ensure no recurrence of the problem in the future.

A restoration plan and schedule will then be developed and, at that point, the City will be able to provide an estimated timeline for public access.

While the City appreciates that people are eager to have full access to the new Minoru Centre for Active Living, public safety is paramount and a wide variety of important safety standards and regulations must be met. All such requirements will be met before opening the remainder of the facility.

There will be no additional cost to the taxpayers as a result of this investigation, analysis and restoration work as all costs associated with the repairs necessary to restore the pool will be borne by the project insurers. As a result, the project will remain within its original budget.

The Seniors Centre at Minoru Centre for Active Living opened this past March and continues to provide active, healthy and social lifestyle opportunities for people 55 years and over. The aquatic facilities at Watermania, South Arm and Steveston – as well as the existing Minoru Aquatic Centre – also remain open over summer.